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We are Emporio Flooring, a company dedicated to provide you with great quality flooring and services, all for a great price. Here at Emporio Flooring, our staff is here to accommodate your every need. We offer Hardwood, Turf, Tile, Stone, and Carpet.

With our huge inventory, we are sure to provide you with everything you will be needing!

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Hardwood Flooring
Elegant Floors

Wood floors have evolved in recent years but they are still a classic and durable way to equip the floor on which you walk.

our products


Laminate Flooring
Laminate Flooring

The laminate floor qualifies between the wooden floors, especially for its physical appearance and its composition.

Modular Carpet
Commercial Carpet Tiles

These are carpet modules with rubber or rubber base, presented in shaved thread for easy cleaning. Designed for heavy traffic. Its main attraction is that in case of damage, stain or wear, you can easily replace said piece without having to lift all the carpeting.

SPC Floors
Stone Composite Flooring

Engineered luxury flooring that combines limestone and stabilizers to create an extremely durable floor.

Carpet Flooring
Waterproof and Pet friendly

It has a great diversity of colors, as well as a remarkable variation in terms of threads: short, long, thick, etc. Mostly requested for areas such as bedrooms and TV room.

Unlimited Possibilities

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If you are looking for great hardwood, you are looking at the right place, we also offer a wide variety of carpets to accommodate every person’s wants and needs.

Not many other flooring companies offer turf. Here at Emporio Flooring, we can provide you with the best quality turf.

design & elegance beautiful deck flooring

They are a surface similar to that of the floor used for balconies, ceilings and roof surfaces. Made to be installed quickly and easily.

beautiful floors Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof vinyl flooring that is easy to clean, highly resistant, durable, prevents moisture buildup. Available in a great variety of colors.

Commercial Flooring Anti Bacterial & Anti Static Floors

Manufactured from a polymer blend specially designed to help eliminate static electricity, and our antibacterial floors have as main feature that there are no cracks or joints between walls where dirt can accumulate